About Us

Our mission is to serve as a liaison for both the client and system vendors during system implementations – we understand the needs from both sides, and use this knowledge and experience to bring projects to completion. We strive to provide solutions with a minimal amount of friction.

We opened for business in 2005, with our primary headquarters located near Fort Worth, Texas. Since then, we’ve expanded our footprint to accommodate our growing team and client base, with team members located around the US, though our corporate headquarters remains in Texas.

For us, activities like data mapping, product mapping, interface changes, and conversion weekend tasks are part of everyday life, something we go through many times each year and are second nature to us, much like serving customers and members are second-nature to our clients. We strive to combine and maximize what limited time and effort they can spend with our efforts to produce the desired result: continued success in their business.

Why Choose Prometheus?

Systems Integration

We help our clients through all phases of implementing both core and ancillary banking software, serving as a liaison to the vendor and also as supplemental support to the customer team. A wide variety of services are available, including overall project and program management, business process analysis, documentation, training, product setup and testing, data mapping and review, interface review and testing, supporting the help desk for implementation weekend and post-implementation support to ensure any conversion issues are cleared up.

Shared Services

Having the right resources is critical to the success of any financial institution. Using both retainer and on-demand models, Prometheus can provide clients with top-notch supplemental personnel in a variety of specialties, without the long-term cost of keeping them on staff, essentially “sharing” with other clients.

Product Enhancement

Generally the large core vendors can offer solutions that work for most clients, so we always try to leverage existing functionality first; if something custom is truly needed, our product division can provide that as well. Examples include include customized reporting and loan origination work, along with custom applications for the Fiserv DNA platform, including our Business Suite set of applications.